Dinner is served!

For starters, you'll be spared the cruel dilemma of choosing "a la carte".

You will be offered a true Perigord,

home made, set menu.


First, the Tourrain (Perigord soup specialty), followed by

a splendid Foie Gras Mi Cuit (semi cooked foie gras)

served with seasonal salad.


Then, the grilled duck magrets

"a la mode des Truffieres" served with sauteed vegetables

and confit potatoes (cooked in duck fat).


One wouldn't leave the table without a luscious home made dessert .


This sumptuous dinner will be yours for 32 euros

























Making you feel right at home is the unique décor of Truffieres which is composed of curios Yannick brought back from exotic places as well as gifts from our international guests. Visit Truffieres for a romantic dinner, a friendly get together or family gathering, and experience authentic Perigord cuisine. A vegetarian menu is available upon request. For meat lovers, superb Beef ribs on the bone can be served upon request at the time of reservation. We can accommodate your private events: cocktail parties, company dinners,

or any kind of celebrations. A specific menu will be composed for your special occasion.















The Founder


Yanick Le Goff

Beginning his career as an interior architect after graduating from the Beaux-Arts in Bordeaux, Yannick

Le Goff travelled Europe (France, Germany, Belgium) and the Middle East to design boutiques and restaurants. In 2005, weary of the constant globetrotting, he decided to open an inn in Dordogne

together with his wife. "In the beginning, she was fattening the ducks by gavage (force-feeding) and then, she is the one who was fed up with me". That, of course, marked the end of their personal story but she had led the way to a new career that Yannick embraced with a passion. (He has since met his

better half).

New !


A relaxing getaway

The vacation home at the inn (2 bedrooms, sleeps 4) welcomes you, your family or friends every summer and automn for a short break or a longer stay. Call us for more details and prices 09 86 29 85 08 or

05 53 27 30 44.


  • A la carte des vins, les coups de coeur de l'auberge : "Bergerac", Château Combrillac, rouge et blanc sec, "Rosette", "Monbazillac" et "Pécharmant".
  • The favorite wines featuring an immense palette of tastes and aromas from the surrounding vineyards.
  • “An absolute gem of a restaurant and unique!”
  • We were introduced to Les Truffiers by some friends who live nearby. A chap called 'Yanick' runs this place and it is one of those restaurants you simply MUST visit once in your life (or more if you can!) - it is very individually decorated and fees very very old style french but with friendly staff. A glass of cold home-made pear aperitif in the garden then into the restaurant for a gastronomic delight - you eat what is on the menu that day but to give a flavour - top quality fois gras followed by a superb steak and finishing off with an amazing crushed strawberry and cream sort of 'mousse'. Deliceuxeseseezy !!


Depuis le village de Trémolat,

prendre la direction de Ste-Alvère (D 30).

Adresse : Lieu-dit Bosredon - 24510


Téléphone : (33) 05 53 27 30 44

E-mail : yanick@auberge-les-truffieres.fr

+44° 53' 29.71", +0° 49' 33.47"

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